About us

We founded Faster in 2012, after decades of professional experience in the laundry sector. Our aim is to provide high-performance, sustainable products in a constantly evolving market. See how we approach sustainabilty #siamosostenibili Francesca Rampi, founder of Faster, tells us how the company started and what lies at the heart of its philosophy Jessica Evangelio, sales manager, shows us round the sales network Simona Atzeri, head of R&D, describes the characteristics of the products Daniela Merlini, Faster sales representative, expresses the satisfaction brought to her work by the network of local dealers Michele Severino, logistics manager, explains the virtuous cycle of the Faster drums.

Our team

Jessica Evangelio

Commercial Director

Simona Atzeri

Head of Chemical Laboratory

Daniela Merlini

LavaVerde Agent

Michele Severino

Logistics Manager​


We base our business on positive values. Right from the start in 2012, our aim has been to work for the good of future generations and inspire change.

Innovation and quality

Faster’s R&D department is on a constant quest for innovative solutions to meet the needs of the market. Our team’s decades-long experience in the laundry sector and cutting-edge technologies enable the Faster in-house laboratories to provide safe products with high performance.


We are committed to reducing our ecological footprint, from production right through to consumption. The on-tap method we offer our retailers means the end consumer can use the bottles over and over again, hugely reducing the use of plastic. Our products are 3-times concentrated, meaning you use a lot less product, thereby reducing fuel consumption and the CO₂ released into the atmosphere.
They contain vegetable-based surfactants, are 100% made in Italy and subject to strict control. We use biodegradable substances with powerful cleaning properties that are already active at low temperatures, resulting in lower energy and water consumption. We have introduced a virtuous cycle that allows the plastic drums we supply to be completely recycled at their POS.

Company welfare

The wellbeing of those who work at Faster is a priority. A good atmosphere boosts productivity, creativiity and innovation: ideal conditions for creating the best solutions for our clients. We have reduced our working hours so that everyone can have leisure time. We firmly believe in gender equality, and currently 70% of the workforce is female.
We are committed to helping people thrive at work and organise regular training to ensure the job is productive and stimulating.

Our brands


A wide range of professional detergents on tap and products for laundry, personal and household care, made to meet diversified needs. The laundry line includes detergents and fabric softeners, including a hypoallergenic range, for white, dark and coloured garments, fragrance intensifiers, room fragrancers and gradual release fragrance tabs. For household cleaning, including floors and glass, degreasers, a washing up and dishwasher line, and no-gas deodorants.

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Body and personal care line. All products are made using only ingredients derived from the highest quality natural and biodegradable raw materials to guarantee safety and effectiveness. Products in the Ecosmesi line do not contain aggressive surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate, surfactants such as PEG, parabens or chelators, which are toxic to aquatic organisms, dyes, GMOs or petrolatum. The ECOSMESI line bottles are made of a special recyclable ‘green plastic’ derived from processed sugar cane, thus helping to reduce CO₂ emissions.

Join the team

Thanks to a dynamic network of partners, Faster is a market leader and its presence is continuing to expand at home and abroad. We are always on the lookout for motivated professionals who share our vision.

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We are looking for local representatives and sales agents to widen the market presence of our brands.

Become a retailer

The on-tap distribution system doubles the value of your business, enabling you to help safeguard the environment by reusing bottles and avoiding unnecessary plastic waste, and to build customer loyalty by encouraging consumers to return to your store